for CO, NOx, NH3 (hot), O2 measurement

  • Measured compounds
    • CO – Carbon monoxide – Infrared analyzer Mod. Enox II
    • NOx – Nitrogen oxides – Infrared analyzer Mod. Enox II and NO2/NO molybdenum based converter
    • NH3 – Ammonia – Infrared analyzer (HOT/WET) with measurement performed directly on hot fumes
    • O2 – Oxygen – Analyzer with zirconium oxide cell Mod. E705
  • Sampling and treatment system
    • Fast loop system for minimization of delay times
    • N. 1 Probe with heated filter, n. 1 Heated line, Solenoid valves heated to 180 °C, Gas cooler with peristatic pump in continuous operation, n. 1 Fast-loop tapping sampling pump, Condensate monitor, Flowmeter
  • Monitored plant
    1 Internal combustion engine fueled by natural gas and installed in a critical area in Lombardy
  • Cabinet
    • Double width in painted metal sheet with double redundant conditioner for temperatures up to 45 °C
    • IP54 protection rating
  • Data processing
    Modbus output and data acquisition with DAS-DAC system: remote control for technical assistance