for CO, NOx, SO2, H2S (hot), O2 measurement pressurized for zone 2

  • Measured compounds
    • CO – Carbon monoxide – Infrared analyzer Mod. Enox II
    • NOx – Nitrogen oxides – Infrared analyzer Mod. Enox II and NO2/NO molybdenum based converter
    • SO2 – Sulfur dioxide – Infrared analyzer Mod. Enox II
    • H2S – Hydrogen sulphide – Electrochemical cell analyzer Mod. Methox
    • O2 – Oxygen – Analyzer based on extractive zirconium oxide cell Mod. E705
  • Sampling and treatment system
    • Fast loop system and double tapping pump for minimization of response times
    • 1 Probe with heated filter suitable for zone 1, n. 1 Heated line with internal tube in AISI 904L and heater suitable for zone 1, Heated box (180 °C) with double redundant filtration stage and solenoid valves for high temperature for zero calibration control, Gas cooler with double glass exchanger for resistance to corrosive agents, n. 2 Sampling pumps, Condensate monitor, Flowmeters, Pneumatic wiring completely in AISI 904L for the part in contact with the sample
  • Monitored plant
    Refinery chimney located on-shore
  • Cabinet
    • Protection for areas with danger of explosion with Eex-p method (y)
    • 30/10 stainless steel with air conditioner (Eex-d protection for temperatures up to 55 ° C)
    • IP65 protection rating
  • Data processing
    • Modbus and hardwired output
    • All the periphery is also provided for the connection of all hardwired signals to PLC