O2 measurement system

for explosion control multiplexing on 6 + 5 points with redundant analyzers

  • Measured compounds
    O2 – Oxygen with n. 2 + 2 redundant analyzers based on Zirconium Oxide cell Mod. E705
  • Sampling and treatment system
    • The system includes two separate analysis sections, one in cyclic scanning on 6 and the other one on 5 points
    • N. 6 + 5 Probes with filter on head, n. 2 Peltier gas coolers and peristaltic pump for continuous operation, n. 2 High vacuum sampling pumps, Condensate monitor, Flowmeters with low flow alarm
  • Monitored plant
    Dried resins transport
  • Cabinet
    • Painted metal sheet with double redundant conditioner for temperatures up to 45 °C
    • IP54 protection rating
  • Data processing
    Analogue and digital hardwired outputs